Love Transforms


Ah, now it’s done!

My best friend and I created this story when we decided to re-watch the Pokemon anime (since we hadn’t seen it since we were kids, and they had recently come out on dvd so I started to collect it).

It was based on both the anime and games, and the story was centred around Jaana (mine, with purple hair) and Cat (my friend’s character with the black). They met when they were kids and became best friends, but after an incident with Team Rocket they were separated and went down different paths. Jana set out to hunt down Giovanni and Cat went looking for answers. They met up again several years later and decided to team up, and since they had discovered that there was more than one team that was screwing things up, they took it upon themselves to take them all down. They called their own little group Ira.

So yeah, it was a very violent and epic story that we made and I may actually post it if people want (it’s not all written, but we have a lot of the plot down.)

It also contains a lot of smut (gay, lesbian, het, you name it), violence, crack, and overall hilarity.

Card: Eleven of Water
Minor Arcana - Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Meaning: Light, Shadow, Love, Fear, Expression, Suppression, Ease, Dis-ease

100 posts!

Woooohoooo! Didn’t think it would happen, because I’m usually too busy at Facebook to keep my Tumblr page up to date. But I decided last week that I like Tumblr .. sometimes more than Facebook. It’s an interesting and challenging place. With that in mind, I have decided to stick around, so it won’t be long before that wee award up there says 1000 posts. 


Card: Queen of Fire
Dreams of Gaia Tarot - Minor Arcana
Meaning: Warm, Vibrant, Sexual, Sensual, Independence, Primal, Expansive, Energetic


Aaah he’s done! I’ll get to completing the playlist sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned~

(I know I said I would redo the old image, but the full-bodied version just wasn’t working, so this will have to do.)

Card: Ace of Fire
Dreams of Gaia Tarot - Minor Arcana
Meaning: New Beginnings, Initiative, Action, Conception, Invention, Creation, Creativity

Card: Ace of Earth
Minor Arcana - Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Meaning: New Goals, Desires, Ambition, Sewing Seeds, Preparation, Birth, First Growth

So true … home is where the heart is … home is where love is.






literally the greatest thing

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